17. November 2015


Our Freeware – a special gift for you

Free-to-use software and libraries are now more important than ever before. Even commercial projects tend to use quite a bit of free libraries, because one can save a whole lot of work that way. Very many development-cycles would slow down significantly, if they stopped using those free resources. (Not every budget is big enough to pay for commercial alternatives.)
But not only libraries are used frequently, free Software has been proven to be very useful, too. Be it project-management, the creation of pictures or even 3D-animation: Nearly anything can be accomplished with software that ist completely free of charge these days. You might have to cut some corners here or there, but in principle, the sky is the limit.
We want to contribute something to this great trend. We are not satisfied, if all we do is to use free software. We also want to provide free programs for others. That’s why we are offering many of our Tools and Plugins without any price-tag involved. We hope to make your life a little bit easier this way.
If every developer contributed only a small portion of his work time to the cause of free software, the IT-sphere would be like a digital version of garden Eden. And that is totally possible, believe us! There is always time to write at least a bit of code. Just try it. Works of passion, put out freely to the consumers, work wonders when it comes to the motivation of your staff.

One of our goals for the next few years is to further our efforts in the field of free software even more, but we still have to earn enough money to pay our bills. To even this out, we established a few ways for donations. Every donation that we receive adds to the time we can put into free software. These are the variants available:

PayPal is an legitimate option, of course.

If you prefer to donate in an anonymous way, you can also use BitCoin.



Using Flattr is another possibility.

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But you can even support us without giving us any money directly. Just bookmark and use our amazon-affiliate-link. This does not cost you anything and we receive a small commission.

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Difference between free software and open source

The difference between free software and open source software is easily explained. Free Software can be downloaded and used for free. That is also the case for Open Source Software (in most cases), but they add another thing to the equation: They release all off their code to the public.
In principal, we are very fond of the open source concept, but it has to be a fit for the project. So far, our projects would not have benefitted from an open source release. If one comes around that seems like it calls for an open source release, it will be done in the right way.